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You say ArcaneBet, we say eSports. Although the bookmaker offers a lot of different sports betting types, esports betting at ArcaneBet really stands out. The bookmaker is a London-based company that operates under the Galaxy 88 Ltd firm. Check out our Arcanebet Review to find out all there is to know.

They have become one of the best-known betting sites for esports bets. And that although the bookmaker is very young and was founded in 2017 and is still young. But they are taking the esports betting very seriously and manage to take it on with more established bookmakers in that field. The owner’s background in esports and their passion is visable. It is one of the most exciting websites for esports betting and offers great bonuses, promotions and a huge variety of games. Arcanebet esports welcome offer bonus 1 Dota 2, League of Legends or CS:GO? It is hard for you to name your favorite game and decide on where to place your bets? The good thing about ArcaneBet is that you will not have to choose. The bookmaker has a massive variety of games in its portfolio. Not only can you bet on CS:GO, Starcraft, Dota 2 or do some LoL betting. You can also place bets on Hearthstone, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, Smite, Vain Glory, Call of Duty, Halo, Clash Royale and World of Tanks. With all that variety and offering the option to place bets on less popular games and tournaments ArcaneBet stands out from the crowd of other bookmakers.

Types of bet

As mentioned ArcaneBet offers a lot of games to bet on and also the types of esports betting at ArcaneBet are impressive. While most bookmakers offer just a few options, this one really gives you some choices. One of the most popular betting type is Outrights. That means you bet on the winner of a tournament or a league winner. That also counts for League of Legends, Counterstrike, and many other games.

Also very popular in esports betting are map bets. You can also use them at ArcaneBet to bet on your favorite games and tournaments. This means that in games like Starcraft 2, LoL, Dota 2 or CS:GO you bet on the winner of a specified map. There are of course also many other games you can use these esports bets on.

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Furthermore the bookmaker offers some special betting types specifically for CS:GO. These are for example the Handicap bet, the bet on the total round or betting on an even or of a number of rounds. For these types, it is good to know your game and the teams so you can more likely spot their handicap and define the number of rounds your team needs to win.

Live betting is probably the most exciting way to place your esports bet as you are placing them while the tournament and the match are actually running. In that way, you can react to events and the actions of the teams directly. ArcaneBet gives you the option to place live bets for your favorite games. That makes your LoL betting, bets on CS:GO and all the other games even more exciting, and you can discover an entirely new joy in following the tournaments. You can live bet on esports like Dota 2, Starcraft, League of Legends, Counterstrike and many others at ArcaneBet.

Although the esports betting at ArcaneBet really stands out and impresses in variety the bookmaker is not limited to betting on esports. ArcaneBet also offers a number of options to bet on different sports such as football, tennis, rugby or golf. Players can also find some casino games and play slots, roulette and other games at ArcaneBet. The bookmaker has a big focus on esports betting, but the player can also vary and choose other options for their bets.

eSport Odds

ArcaneBet is competitive when it comes to esports betting, and that is also represented in the odds. The bookmaker offers great odds for bets on games like League of Legends, Starcraft, Dota 2 or CS:GO.

Also for the less popular games and tournaments, the quotes are impressive and even for new players very attractive. No matter if you like to bet on ESL Pro League or on smaller tournaments and secret teams, ArcaneBet has some great odds for that. Here also the variety of games comes in handy because you can easily pick the best odds for you from all the choices you are given.

Welcome Bonus

Arcanebet esports welcome offer bonus 4 Another point that counts for esports betting at ArcaneBet is the attractive welcome bonus. The bookmaker offers a welcome bonus of 100% up to 100 Euros. This can help you to boost your esports bets right from the beginning. The bonus is tied to some terms and conditions.

So you have to roll it over at least 12 times in 180 before you can receive your bonus fund withdrawal your winnings. But with all these esports betting options that does not seem like an issue. For now, there is no welcome bonus specifically dedicated to esports, but the bookmaker gives out esports bonuses and promotions on a regularly basis to its loyal players.

Available Payments

Arcanebet esports welcome offer bonus 2 ArcaneBet offers a big range of payment methods. The bookmaker offers payments via traditional methods like Bank transfer, Visa, and Mastercard, but also e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller or the safe payment method Paysafecard. Additionally, you can deposit and withdrawal via Bitcoin. ArcaneBet also offers payments via Inpay, Yandex, and Monetaru. All transactions are handled quickly and without any complication.

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