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Heroes of the Storm (HotS) is the relatively new MOBA from Blizzard, incorporating many of the same elements in the game that you would find in either Dota 2 or League of Legends. HotS self-labels itself as a “team brawler” game, rather than a MOBA, focusing on a fast-paced never-stopping clashing style of play that results in less strategic decision making and more action for both players and spectators, when compared with a traditional MOBA game.

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Heroes of the Storm Betting Sites

You can place bets on competitive HOTS matches at Pinnacle Sports, Bet-at-home, Bet365, Betway and Arcanebet.

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Upcoming & Ongoing Tournaments with betting tips

  • HotS Global Championship Phase #1 Western Clash ($100,000) | 03/02 – 03/04/2018
  • HotS Global Championship Phase #1 Eastern Clash ($100,000) | 03/16 – 03/18/2018
  • HotS Global Championship Phase #1 Europe ($450,000) | 01/19 – 04/29/2018
  • HotS Global Championship Phase #1 North America ($450,000) | 01/19 – 04/29/2018
  • HotS Global Championship Phase #1 South Korea ($450,000) | 01/19 – 04/29/2018

Betting odds for the next HOTS tournaments and leagues

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About Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm gameplay bets and oddsGame Basics: Much like its predecessors, Heroes of the Storm features a number of unique “Heroes” that you can choose from to play the game. In general, they are categorized into a few subclasses; the Assassin does a large amount of damage quickly but they are relatively fragile as well. The Warrior can absorb a lot of damage, while also providing some sort of utility control abilities for the team, but their individual damage output is relatively low. The Supports help your other team members in battle, either through healing abilities or by adding buffs to his team. Finally, the Specialists provide a unique utility, often in the form of extremely strong building siege or creep wave clear; their downside is they are often slow and cumbersome, as well as not adept at 1 vs 1 or 5 vs 5 engagements with the other team.

HotS Betting Tips

Things to look for when betting on a HotS match include specific matchups of Hero types. If one team is purely Assassin types, they are instantly at a significant disadvantage against a more balanced team. Some teams will run pre-conceived pocket strategies, with lineups that consist of a large number of a certain type of Hero, and their strategy will play out based around that. If you can figure out which teams are ahead of their competition with these niche strategies, it could give you the advantage when betting on Heroes of the Storm. This is especially handy whenever live betting is available in a Best of 3 or even Best of 5 kind of format.

Another potentially exploitable advantage when betting on HotS is the fact that there are actually a number of unique map layouts that the game is played on. Each of the maps has a unique objective, which results in some kind of NPC or inherent advantage when a team completes the number of required “objectives” in that game. Some teams may be better at a certain map than others, while other teams may dominate on another map. If you can figure out who has the advantage on what map, then you can use that knowledge to gain an edge in the Heroes of the Storm market!

Current and upcoming HotS Tournaments and Leagues:

Heroes of the Storm World Championship | HWC 2015
World Cyber Arena (WCA) 2015

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